Desires to Fulfill Today

May 9, 2020

We all have some desires that we wish to fulfill. But often it stays just that - the desires. We should go more often for it, though.


Here I share how I did it for my self. This morning I woke up at 4:30 and decided to fulfill my desire for a hike, one on one. What a great choice. Here I am on the beautiful spot, united with nature.

Sometimes what we need the most is in the reach of the grain of courage. We often limit ourselves and suppress our desires while it should be the other way around. We shall fulfill it more often.

Today, I was worried about leaving my family behind, not bringing them with me. And despite it, I did it anyway. This morning I'm doing it just for me. It's me and nature. And I'm okay with that.

My family is most probably still in bed. It's 8:30 am, and I will return just in time for the brunch with them. So in my case here, I'll manage to fulfill my desire and spend the rest of the day with my family. What made it happen was the spirit to move early in the morning.

On other occasions, I like to hike with the company. Before my marriage, I used to walk a lot with many different acquaintances every available weekend. Nowadays, I occasionally stroll with my family, sometimes together with our friends and sometimes I explore just with the kids.

And not always only with my kids. I can take their friends too. My record until now is a hike with six of them. As much of them as I could pack in my car. I should get a van. 🙂

Hike with kids is special to me because it has a purpose aimed at them. It not only shows them the beauty of nature; it also improves their health and cut them away from excessive screen usage.

The hike or any other activity in nature is good for our physical health. But it is precious for our mental health too. The peace, silence, the greens - it all fill our batteries for the following week. When closing my eyes in the evening, I invite the sight of the beautiful scenery I've experienced that day.

My desire for you is - go ahead and fulfill one of yours today. Maybe you can meet it in combination with nature, as in my case. Perhaps it's something completely different. But whatever it is, be selfish enough and pick your desires to fulfill today. Make it come true and experience it behind your closed eyes tonight.

About kristijan galekovic

I'm the founder of ClickIntoLife, a father, a husband, and a nature lover. I'm keen to share my experience and knowledge. I like to read and hike, where I may take a bunch of kids with me. With ClickIntoLife, I want to help you fit better into life and feel comfortable in your skin. Read more about me here.

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